Is it legal to make gin using a still in your home ?

Yes as long as you obtain a free rectification licence from HMRC

Whether you are setting up a new commercial venture or starting a great new hobby our course will ensure you have the skills (and necessary  rectification licence!!) to enjoy a lifetime of legal gin making.


The three things you will need:

1.  A rectification licence - we guarentee that you will get your licence or you will get a full refund on the course.

2.  The correct recipes for great tasting gin - we will teach you everything you need

3. Distilling equipment, we provide you with all the equipment you need and you get to keep it when the course finishes,  

Our 3 month gin making courses, split into 6 modules, will prepare you for the world of gin making. 

​Choose to attend in person at our distillery on the Wirral, over Zoom direct with our Head Distiller or online by video at your own pace.

Whatever option you choose we will help you get the correct licences from HMRC and send you all the distilling equipment you need to get you started. When you have  completed the course you also get to keep the still and other equipment! 


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