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Charity Gin Sales

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Every person who attends a gin making session at Wirral Gin School creates a new gin with a unique recipe. 

Through our gin classes some fantastic gins have been made and if the person making the gin agrees we can remake the gin to the unique recipe created and offer them for sale with profits going to a local charity.

The charity for 2022 is The Hive.

Wirral Youth Zone named by young people as ‘The Hive'. For members aged 8–19 (up to age 25 for those with disabilities) Raising aspirations and changing lives.

If you agree to listing your gin, we will reproduce your gin from your original recipe, adjust the label as per your instructions below and then add it to our website for sale. The sales price will be fixed at £36 with £32 cover production and postage costs and £4 being paid to The Hive.

Let’s us use your gin recipe for charity

Get in touch so we can start working together.

Complete the form if you would allow us to list the gin you made at Wirral Gin School on our site to support The Hive, Wirral.

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