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The Member Sessions give you access to book multiple spirit making sessions where you can bring friends and use our facilities for a fixed monthly fee.


  • The member sessions are available from 4pm to 9pm Mon-Thu.

  • You can book multiple sessions each month.

  • A member session lasts one hour and is for two people.

  • There will be no charge for the member sessions you book, you can opt to bring your own spirits and botanicals or you can buy one of our packs including everything you need when you arrive for your sessions.

  • You may bring a different guest with you for each session, as long as you attend with them.


So how is this different from a normal session:

  • The session is not formally taught although there will be somebody on hand to help.

  • A standard label will be provided for the bottle and you will be able to take your recipe card with you.

  • The spirit you make wont be listed for sale or repeat purchase on our site.



  • To subscribe you must have completed a normal spirit making session at our gin school.

  • You can book a maximum of one session for two people each day.

  • Any spirits you bring must be in unopened retail packaging (HMRC rules) and can only be used for making your spirits (not for drinking during the session).


When you have subscribed you can book your member sessions above.

Members can bring their own spirits, botanical and bottles or can purchase from us at the session.


Full litre of ethanol at distilling strength £20

70cl of mixed rums and distilling ethanol for rum production £20


Our fixed range of 18 botanicals £1


We stock a range of bottles for your spirits from £1 to £5

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