Stop buying gin as a gift!

For some time now it has become fashionable to buy friends and family a bottle of gin as a gift for a birthday or Christmas. Although this may seem an easy to choose yet thoughtful gift for somebody who talks a lot about how much they love gin, it is actually fraught with pitfalls!!

The more your friend is a gin fanatic, then the more:

  1. Gins they will have already tried (and possible written off as not their cup of tea!

  2. They will gravitate towards a specific style of gin, Juniper forward, Citrus, etc.. leaving you to guess their preference

  3. Cluttered that their collection may have become with the burden of finding a new place to store/display the new gin you have bought them (or hide if you have completely missed the mark)!

A safer option is to buy a gin making experience where your gin loving friend can work with an expert distiller to discuss the style of gin they love and to create their own gin recipe from scratch. Good gin schools will be able to provide a gin making experience where your friend can learn the art of gin making under expert guidance and walk away with a full bottle of their own unique gin for not much more than the price of a higher end craft gin. Take a look at Wirral Gin School where a voucher for two people to make a full bottle of gin between them is only £55.


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