Gin Tasting

 Wirral Gin School @ Liverpool Gin Festival Today

Come and find us today at the Liverpool Gin Festival and come make your own bottle of gin to take home with you or try one of our tasting boards.

Try our gin tasting boards  

  • 4 half G&Ts - £10

  • 8 half G&Ts - £18


  • Each gin tube contains half a pub measure of gin, so four gin tubes makes the equivalent of 2 G&Ts.

  • Line up your shot glasses on your tasting sheet.

  • Put an ice cube in your first glass then empty over the content of your first gin tube. Top up with your tonic.

  • When you have finished your first mini-G&T, score the drink out of 10 on the score sheet.

  • Do the same with the next gin.

  • Repeat for the rest of the gins.

  • Post your score sheet to social media with #wirralginschool for a chance to win a full bottle of gin

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