Online Course - Setting up a Micro Distillery

Let's address the most common question we get first.

Is it legal to make gin using a still in your home ?

Yes as long as you obtain a free rectification licence from HMRC and you are using duty paid spirits (the spirit  duty was paid before you bought it).

Whether you are setting up a new commercial venture or starting a great new hobby our course will ensure you have the skills (and necessary  rectification licence!!) to enjoy a lifetime of legal gin making.


The three things you will need:

1.  A rectification licence - free and easy to apply for.

2.  The correct recipes for great tasting gin - we will teach you everything you need

3. Distilling equipment, we provide you with all the equipment you need and you get to keep it when the course finishes,  

Course Summary

This is a self-paced online course that provides the information and basic equipment you will need start your own Micro Distillery for producing gin.

When you start the course we will send you a copper pot still and the accessories you will need to start making gin. When the course is complete you will keep the equipment for your own gin making and we will help you get the correct licences from HMRC.

The course covers the following topics:

1. help on making the simple applications for a licence that you will need before making your first gin.

2. setting up and operating your still to make gin.

3. the gin making process including some great gin recipes to get you started.

4. In case you are looking make a financial success from your micro distillery, the final part of the course provides the information you will need run a successful gin business and covers topics such as accounting for profits, taxes and recommended computer systems.

This course will be useful for micro distilleries using duty paid spirits, example activities might be:

1. Micro production of gin for local projects such as supporting a school PTA fund raising effort

2. Small run production to sell from a shop or online.

What this course is not intended for:

1. Operating a large commercial distilling operation creating duty suspended product or using duty suspended spirits.
2. Wholesaling of spirits under the AWRS scheme.
3. Production of base spirits by fermentation.


The course